Adaptive Swim Certification

The Adaptive Swim Certification combines a therapeutic approach to teaching swim independence for children, youth, and adults with disabilities. This course combines both lecture-based learning and hands-on teaching to ensure participants are fully confident in handling a variety of demographics and abilities in the water. 

The populations outlined include:

  • Physical disabilities for youth and adults
  • Intellectual/ developmental
  • Chronic conditions
  • Veterans

Sections for this certification include:

  • Basics & Survival skills
  • Understanding Disability
  • Buoyancy & Equipment
  • Aquatic Assessment
  • Upper Body Mechanics
  • Lower Body Mechanics
  • Evaluation


October 9-10th, 2023

Learn about therapeutic approaches for teaching learn to swim for youth, adults and veterans with disabilities. This session is available for CARSS, CEUs and NCTRC CEUS. This webinar can contribute to the certified adaptive swim instructor training in May upon request.

In Person 

October 9-10th, 2023

Metro Atlanta 

Cost: In Person: $200  Virtual: $80