BlazeSports Institute

Since 2003, BlazeSports America has been one of the top training and education leaders in the field of adaptive sports and recreation. The BlazeSports America Institute for Adaptive Sports and Recreation™ – offers certification opportunities, online tools and resources to build the core competencies of adaptive sports practitioners working with Youth, Adults and Veterans with a physical disability.

The BlazeSports Institute offers a wide array of relevant and practical adaptive sports and recreation resources and tools for developing and implementing successful adaptive sports and recreation programs.

Components of the BlazeSports Institute

  • Industry-recognized certification program- Certified Adaptive Recreation and Sports Specialist™ (CARSS)
  • Quarterly podcasts/webinars on new and emerging topics delivered by experts in the field
  • Quarterly e-newsletter featuring updates on the latest research, trends & best practices
  • In-person and virtual training workshops
  • Online resource center of tools and resources


The Certified Adaptive Recreation and Sports Specialist (CARSS) credential was developed by BlazeSports America with the expertise and input of a wide range of professionals in the adaptive sports field. The goal of the CARSS certification program is to better prepare those new to adaptive sports and recreation while increasing the knowledge and core competencies of adaptive sports professionals currently working in the field. CARSS highlights the most relevant, practical information for developing and implementing successful and safe adaptive sports and recreation programs for people with physical disabilities. For a full overview of the CARSS™ Program, click HERE.

Adaptive Swim Certification

The Adaptive Swim Certification combines a therapeutic approach to teaching swim independence for children, youth, and adults with disabilities. This course combines both lecture-based learning and hands-on teaching to ensure participants are fully confident in handling a variety of demographics and abilities in the water. 

Adaptive Rowing Certification

The Adaptive Rowing Coach Certification was developed in partnership with Seize the Oar Foundation in order to better train and prepare rowing coaches to work with adaptive athletes. This certification has 8 core competencies areas that will allow a coach to gain the knowledge to successfully make the jump from able-bodied to adaptive rowing.  

Certified Adaptive Sports Coach (CASC)

The Certified Adaptive Sports Coach certification helps coaches bridge the gap to successfully work with athletes with disabilities. A survey conducted in 2021 established 7 key competency areas that coaches working with adaptive athletes should have knowledge in to provide the highest quality programming and coaching 

National ParaSport Conference

BlazeSports hosts its annual National ParaSport Conference, bringing together industry leaders in parasport from across the country.  

Library & Resources

Use these resources available to all BlazeSports participants including training tools, videos and links to other resources.    

Leadership & Tutoring

The BlazeSports Youth LEAD program focuses on leadership development, college readiness and career transitioning for our youth athletes.