Training: Early Childcare Professionals

BlazeTOTS provides early childhood educators and professionals with the skills and training to be able to implement and advocate for inclusive physical activity programs in their centers.

Resources for Early Childcare Professionals

Planning for an Inclusive Classroom

This guide is filled with practical information that will help educators who work with children ages birth through 8 teach children with disabilities alongside their peers.

Every Child Belongs

If you are opening your doors to a child with disabilities or developmental delays that impact learning, social skills or behavior, this guide will help you set the stage for a great year for everyone.

Adapting Activities for Young Children in Wheelchairs

Whether they walk or roll, physical activity is important for kids. With some adaptations, kids in wheelchairs can comfortably participate in many activities with other kids.

Go Smart

Physical activity app for teachers from the National Head Start Association with simple ways to get young children active. Good ideas to share with families too.


In an effort to engage children and families in physical activity, BlazeTOTS provides a variety of events throughout the year.

Training: Parents

BlazeTOTS supports family’s efforts in creating healthy lifestyles through resources, community events and webinars for parents.

Resources for Parents

Games for All Kids – Online Guide for Parents (video)

This video provides ideas on inclusive play that are accessible for all children. Even minor adjustments make games and play easier for children with disabilities.

How to Balance Caring for Siblings of a Disabled Child

Caring for siblings of a disabled child can be difficult, this guide gives tips on how to talk to the child’s siblings about the disability and how the siblings can help.

Dietary Needs for Kids with Cerebral Palsy

Cerebral Palsy can cause digestive problems, which can make eating uncomfortable. This guide can help you find the right diet and feeding approach for your child.

Fitness for 3-5 Year-olds

By the time kids are 3, their physical skills are well on their way. Regular physical activity is important for healthy growth and development for children and helps them build confidence. This guide provides ideas for preschooler fitness.

Nutrition for a Healthy Athlete

Healthy, well-balanced meals and snacks give kids the nutrients they need to do well in sports. Additionally, eating a variety of nutritious foods will help them play at their best. This guide provides lists of nutrients you should give your athlete.

Move, Play and Learn at Home

These activities teach families the importance of physical activity for young children. They offer a variety of ideas, strategies, information and resources for parents to use the space within their homes, the materials they have, and their limited time to model and encourage physical activity.

Motivating Preschoolers to be Active

With preschoolers natural energy levels, this is a great time to encourage fitness habits that will last. This guide will help you determine what activities are best for your preschooler.

BlazeTOTS at Home

BlazeTOTS Active Start Resource Videos is a series of videos that help you learn how to introduce gross motor skills by playing games, such as Dance Freeze, Traffic Light, or Drumming Fitness, through adaptive activities with equipment you have at home to keep your preschooler active! Additionally, we will introduce a new healthy eating activity you can do with your preschooler.